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Humber Esports Accord

The following is the official Accord of Humber Esports and is to be read and held in compliance to by all individuals of any team within and under the scope of the Humber Esports organization. Understand that is a privilege to be part Humber Esports, and after joining any such teams within and under Humber Esports, this Accord shall apply to such individuals at all times, within and without the school of Humber College and all its facilities and properties, until they have formally left, and have been acknowledged as having left, and thusly disassociated as being a member, of any and all Humber Esports teams. Failure to comply with any component of this accord, also known as breaking a 'Rule', as written below, may lead to the individual at fault receiving a penalty as to be determined with final judgement by the Humber Esports executive staff, Humber College staff, and any other legal parties such as law enforcement should the incident require such third party interjection/involvement.

Any of the following Accord may change at any time without prior notice at the sole discretion of Humber Esports executive staff. By becoming and continuing to be a member of Humber Esports, you constitute to have agreed and accept to follow any such changes as they are made and put into effect.

1. No toxicity, intense bad mannerisms, towards others, or self, at all times within the game environment, online, or in the real world. It is understandable that some minor acts may occur as a form of friendly competitive banter, and the ruling of acceptability is based on what is accepted by the game being played with final judgement and determination of acceptability left to the discretion of the Humber Esports executive staff.

2. You are professional athletes as part of Humber's Varsity Esports initiative, and must act with the dignity, professionalism, and sportsmanship of a professional athlete at all times, including, but not solely extending to, online and reality.

2a. Any content that Humber Esports team members post on social media, even when speaking in a private capacity, must be consistent with how Humber Esports expects them to present themselves.

2b. Understand that the actions of any individuals, especially in a professional space, represents not only themselves, but also those around them, their organization(s), and even their community at large and nation(s) when playing upon a public and/or international stage.

2c. As a professional athlete representing an organization and community, it is mandatory for all individuals to maintain good hygiene at all times; this is non- negotiable.

2d. Press-kit guidelines will be provided to all teams to clarify and specify the use of any Humber Esports associated logo and media material. These guidelines must be read, reviewed, and always followed thoroughly by every teams' members.

3. Respect others and yourselves at all times. Treat others how you wish to be treated. The formality of respect unto others and self is a key aspect of building a safe and welcoming environment for all to participate in and enjoy being in.

3a. Diversity and inclusivity is a key foundation of kindness, cooperation, and Canadian society at large. It is not tolerated and prohibited for individuals to engage in any forms of discrimination or obscenity, whether racial, ethnic, sexist, religious, political, mental and physical characteristics, against others by any and all forms and concepts. This is especially important when recruiting new members to any position within any team. If such an act of discrimination or obscenity is to be found or reported to the Humber Esports team with enough evidence to prove the factuality and validity of the incident as claimed or otherwise noted, the individual found to be at fault will be punished based on the severity of the incident and will either be suspended or removed from both their team and Humber Esports, and will be indefinitely banned from working within the capacity of Humber Esports and participating as a member of any future event under Humber Esports until further notice, by the discretion and judgement of the Humber Esports executive staff.

3b. Abuse of power by executive members of any team is intolerable and a report of such an act will trigger an immediate investigation. If there is enough evidence to prove the factuality of the reported case, the party at fault will immediately receive a suspension from their role, and the duration shall be determined by the action they had committed at the discretion and judgement of the Humber Esports executive staff. If the action is a serious enough case, as determined by a unanimous vote by the Humber Esports executive team, or if the party at fault is in repeat violation, they will be banned from working within the capacity of Humber Esports until further notice.

3c. It is of importance and an act of respect to one's self to build, maintain, and uphold ones own reputation, integrity, and dignity in all acts, which thusly extends to upholding the integrity and dignity and respect towards ones own team and the Humber Esports organization.

4. The systems in place in the Humber Esports organization operates with a hierarchical structure and maintains total accountability at all levels, by all levels of individuals. It is of critical importance and of necessity that all members understand and respect the hierarchy in place, and to listen to and follow what is told to them from individuals above them in the hierarchy structure.

As the hierarchy currently stands within the Humber Esports organization:

  • Humber administration (i.e. Humber College Deans)
  • Humber Esports executive staff (i.e. Geoff)
  • Team Coaches/Managers
  • Team Support Staff
  • Team Captains
  • Team Players

4a. All members of the Humber Esports organization must accept the need to respect others and have accountability to your fellow members, not just those within your immediate team, and to seek to continuously grow and develop in this space and respect the fact that your teammates are doing the same. This is a core component to ensuring the stability of the organization.

5. Players must always perform using their own abilities and skills. Any case of cheating in any form or format, such as, but not solely, the use of software under the category of 'AimBot' during a match, bribery of individuals in a tournament space, the use of performance enhancement drugs and the use of a prohibited cheat sheet during an exam, is not tolerated or permitted by any member of any team within the Humber Esports organization. The act of cheating is not strictly permissible in any environment, whether digitally, such as during the playing of a game, or physically in reality, such as within one's studies and course work and will be met with severe punishments as determined by the Humber Esports executive staff.

5a. When an individual is having reported to have committed an act of cheating, whether by another member within the Humber Esports organization or from without, an investigation into the matter will be promptly had to determine the factuality and validity of such a claim. The claimant will also be requested to present evidence to assist in the investigation of the claim made. This evidence can either by digital or physical, such as, but not solely, recorded video, images, audio or hardware containing the used maleficent software.

5b. If such case of cheating is proved to be entirely factual with enough evidence, the individual or individuals at fault will be met and a discussion had with members of Humber Esports' executive staff and promptly receive a preliminary suspension from any and all of their team's activities and activities of the greater Humber Esports organization at large. The duration of this suspension is to be determined based on the severity of the act and by the sole discretion of the executive staff of Humber Esports. Upon an individual being found to having repeatedly committed acts of cheating, whether digitally or physically, they will be banned from and removed from their team as well as being banned from and removed from the greater Humber Esports organization indefinitely until further notice at the discretion of the Humber Esports executive staff.

6. The Technical Accord for Humber Esports equipment is as follows:

Treat the equipment you use, as provided by Humber College for the Humber Esports initiative, with the utmost respect. You are liable for any theft or damages you cause to the equipment, and are responsible for immediately reporting any incidents of theft or damages seen on the equipment, whether the incident was caused by you or another party. Such incidents affect the performance capacity of Humber Esports and thus affects every team within the Humber Esports organization. Understand that the equipment and resources provided by Humber Esports is to be provided equally to all members and no individual or team is superior in priority to any and all equipment and resources; what is provided is for the benefit of all.

6a. Return equipment to the positions and state as you initially found it before usage. The days on which The Dojo or the CTI training space are booked by teams, will be checked at the beginning and end of the day to ensure that all equipment and materials are left or returned to their neutral state before usage.

6b. If any individual(s) have a request for equipment, please do so through the appropriate official channels and understand that equipment rental is done through the Humber Photo Booking Centre. Failure to comply with the rules of the Humber Photo Booking Centre as they have set will result in personal fines and the inability to rent from them in the future. In addition to these consequences as implemented by the Humber Photo Booking Centre, the individual at fault will also receive additional disciplinary action from within the Humber Esports organization, which may be in the form of a suspension or a ban, determined by factors such as the severity of the incident and previous offences, if any have occurred.

6c. Installing programs without express permission from a technician is forbidden, failure to comply will result in punishment with varying severity based on previous offenses, this may be in the form of a simple suspension or a ban from further access to equipment.

6d. Keep web browsing and non-game related activities to a minimum, these computers are for practicing and competing.

6e. Streaming is allowed as long as you do so through the official Humber channels or appropriately and correctly credit Humber Esports with our logo as well as in your stream's title. There will be a media package with guidelines in regards to the use of the Humber Esports logo.

6f. Ensure that any and all equipment, in whatever form and status, you bring from home and otherwise has been cleared with the appropriate staff, officials and involved or affected individuals, before connecting it to and using it on school machines, devices and other such equipment.

6g. If you must move any existing equipment from the position it is originally in, its neutral position, you, the individual/party performing such action(s), must do so with the utmost and absolute surety of there being zero risk of damaging it upon it being moved, shifted, or relocated as you have determined for it to be so. If you are found mistreating the equipment you will be subject to disciplinary action as determined by the discretion and judgement of the Humber Esports executive staff.

7. You are here at Humber as students first, do not wholly or partially forego your responsibilities as students of Humber college for gaming or gaming related activities. It is the responsibility of all student members of Humber Esports to maintain their capacities as students and to uphold the priorities of being a student, and to understand that failure to do so may and/or will cause them to face consequences that may and/or will affect their capability and capacity to participate in their team's activities, such as tournament, within Humber Esports.

7a. As members of Humber College, Humber's Codes of Conduct are still enforced at all times alongside this Accord, and it is the responsibility of each and every member of Humber Esports to read and follow Humber College's Codes of Conduct as they too, will be enforced by the Humber Esports executive staff. The Humber College's Codes of Conduct can be found in the link below: Humber College Code of Conduct

7b. A minimum grade average of 75 is required to be able to join any team within Humber Esports, and this grade minimum must be maintained once on the team. If an individual is found to have a grade average below this minimum, they will receive a warning and will be directed to obtain peer tutoring assistance. Upon receiving this warning, the individual will be placed in a one month warning period, in which they can still participate in their team's activities and duties, but will lose access to all of Humber Esports'; facilities. Once they have shown improvement within the warning period, they will be considered cleared. If the individual has shown either deterioration or no improvement of their grade average, they will be suspended from their team and lose access to all of Humber Esports'; resources until they raise their grade average back to the minimum of 75. If no improvement is seen by the end of the semester, they will be removed from their respective team as well as ceasing to be a member of Humber Esports, and be banned from joining again during their next semester, after which the individual will be judged from a fresh state as a new member if they so which to attempt to rejoin a team within the Humber Esports organization.

8. Assault and violence of any kind, whether physical, mental or digital, is not tolerated to any degree, and if reported with enough evidence, such as but not solely including, photo, video, and/or text, written physically and/or digitally, will result in a suspension for the egregious party. If the party at fault is found to be committing such acts a second time or if the degree of the act is severe enough to warrant such an act, they will be banned until further notice at the sole discretion of the Humber Esports executive staff. 8a. It is important to remember that at the moment when an incident occurs, one should not directly intervene unless immediate action is absolutely needed. Most individuals are not trained to perform conflict resolution and so should call for such official, trained professionals, such as security or emergency services. This also applies after incidents have occurred but are still requiring the involvement of a trained professional. Humber Esports executive staff should not be the first person contacted in the case of an emergency, please contact local emergency services immediately.

8b. In addition, such cases will always also be raised upwards to the college for further penalties they wish to instill upon the wrongful party.

8c. Sexual abuse or assault of any kind in any form, whether physically or digitally, if reported with enough evidence, such as but not solely including, photo, video, and/or text, written physically and/or digitally, will result in an immediate ban until further notice. Such incidents will also be raised upwards to the college for further penalties they wish to instill upon the wrongful party.

8d. In any case of assault or violence, as proven to be undeniably factual and valid, we will report the incident to the appropriate local authorities if the victimized party so wishes, and gives us the consent to do so, or is deemed wholly necessary by either the Humber Esports executive staff, members of Humber College, or the community at large.

9. All rules given by the game, the companies associated with the game, and the organizations of tournaments Humber Esports' members are playing in will also apply to the individual when they are playing the game. These rules and codes will be enforced by Humber Esports and violation of such rules may result in a further penalty alongside the one given by the game, the game company, and/or the tournament organization.

10. In regard to sponsorships, no person(s) is ever authorized to negotiate a sponsorship on behalf of Humber Esports in any situation or scenario. In the case in which an individual of any team within Humber Esports is approached by an organization or business, they must inform a member of the Humber Esports executive staff of such an occurrence as soon as possible before proceeding any further with discussions or otherwise. Only Humber Esports executive staff members are allowed to negotiate and acquire sponsorships for the organization and the teams within it. Furthermore, sponsorships will require approval through the official channels of authority within Humber College at large. The working out of a sponsorship of any degree in any form requires a lot of work with a lot of legal implications being involved in the case an agreement or deal is even slightly broken; a lot can go wrong that will have drastic consequences that may force everything to be shutdown.

11. Support one another, no game is superior, and no athlete is more important than another. By helping each other, you also help yourselves. To be able to win together, you must first play together.

11a. If you see others violating any section, or subsection, as stated above in this Accord, please report such incidents as soon as possible to our Humber Esports staff, either directly in person, a direct digital message through channels such as discord or email, or through our online reporting system; anonymous reporting is an option when reporting online. All members of Humber Esports have the right to feel safe to do so and will not receive any reprisals for doing so. This system is in place to ensure everyone involved both within the organization and the community at large have the ability to help maintain this environment to be a positive and welcoming one to all individuals. The effectiveness of this system and its ability to ensure these goals relies on you, the individual members and affected individuals, to actually report incidents and such. Doing so not only benefits you but also everyone else involved in esports and gaming.

Current temporary email:

Temporarily, website submission form is not available, sorry.

11b. You can also report other things if you feel the need to, that you have issue with but is not necessarily a breaking of a Rule as written in the sections above, and it does not only have to be solely in regards to fellow members of Humber Esports. You may report incidents outside of your game and also report incidents of other teams, such as if you see that they are breaking game or tournament rules or are performing in an unsportsmanlike manner. Understand that this doesn't mean we handle everything, if it is an emergency or requires critical assistance, one should always call local emergency services or professional helplines:

Toronto Emergency Services Line: 911

Post-Secondary Student Helpline, Good2Talk: 1-866-925-5454

Crisis Services Canada: 1-833-456-4566

12. All Humber Esports members, players and staff, have a responsibility to be aware of policies, codes and laws of the land that guide expectations of conduct. Members are responsible for ensuring that their guests also adhere to these rules and expectations. Individual accountability is essential to the Esports experience and the Accord. Ignorance, anger, alcohol or substance abuse will not excuse misconduct.

In is of importance, and so will here be restated, that all members of Humber Esports must be knowledgeable of the existence of this Accord and to have read through it in its entirety, and understand that it shall be enforced upon them at all times, with any incidents occurring that goes against a section of this Accord will incur a disciplinary action which will ultimately be decided upon by the discretion of the Humber Esports executive staff.